Our Academic Emphasis:
Mastering the basics of education enhances all aspects of life.  For success in academics and in daily living, students need to read well, write correctly and have thoroughly mastered the fundamentals of mathematics. The study of science, geography, and history develop an interest in, an appreciation for, and an understanding of the world in which we live. In addition, students need to develop skills in creative and critical thinking, and develop an appreciation for the arts as well as the importance of physical activity, health and wellness.

Our curriculum conforms and exceeds national, state and denominational standards by means of instruction that combines the best of traditional with sound innovative practice.  In addition to traditional academics, thematic teaching is used to integrate studies across disciplines and students are engaged in activities and projects that stimulate their creativity and enhance their oral, written, and technology skills. 

comprehensive study assessing Adventist Education academics in North America  reports that the students who attend Adventist schools achieve one-half grade level higher in all subjects than predicted based on their ability scores.  Additional benefits of Adventist education include strong spiritual lives and healthy lifestyles choices.

We utilize the key learning standards of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists for grades 1-8.